Restaurant Taormina

our story since 1993 in nossegem ...

Italian restaurant in Zaventem since 1993.

Taormina opened its doors in 1993 as one of the first restaurants and pizzerias in Zaventem. Young couple Giuseppe and Maria-Pia named the business after their honeymoon city in Sicily, hoping for as much success in work as in love. Together they support the common goal of offering quality Italian specialties to the local population and companies in Zaventem.

With the same importance for honesty, tradition and quality, Giuseppe and Maria-Pia are still there 27 years later: Giuseppe as chef and Maria-Pia as hostess in the room. Together they share with their employees the same values and standards as back in the days, to continue to receive the customer with the same energy and warmth throughout the years.

Real craftsmanship, flavours and tradition from Italy.

Giuseppe discovered his passion for cooking in his early years at the side of his mother. Growing up in a family of butchers and farmers in Sicily, they always worked with ingredients from their own garden. The pure flavours of these organic ingredients have been the guiding principle of our recipes to date. 

The fundamental principles of Giuseppe's culinary philosophy are the use of fresh quality products and their processing according to deeply nested Italian traditions. Giuseppe uses complete transparency in his dishes and thus opts for an honest and tasteful authentic kitchen.

When Giuseppe arrived in Belgium in 1976, there was no mention of a career behind the stove. He started working as a butcher, the profession he got from his father. Over time he worked his way up to be responsible for the butcher's shops within the Wauters Group. It is only later that he got into the restaurant world. With his in-depth experience and knowledge as a butcher, Giuseppe selects meat of the best quality to date. In addition to the Italian classics, Taormina is also known for an excellent BBB beef fillet or entrecôte. 

Wij geloven in de vaste waarde van ambachtelijke producten en voorbereidingen. Onze chefs beginnen steeds vanuit de basisingrediënten en verwerken deze tot de uiteindelijke gerechten volgens de Italiaanse tradities. Zo maken we dagelijks zelf ons pizzadeeg in ons atelier en wordt onze ossobuco naar traditie in de oven gebakken. Op deze manier willen we u de authentieke Italiaanse smaken laten ontdekken die voortvloeien uit tientallen jaren vakmanschap, passie en liefde voor het vak en het land.

Quality above everything else.

Italian gastronomy is known as a varied and tasteful cuisine. The many rich flavours are partly due to the countless ingredients that can be found on the peninsula.

The quality of these products is cherished by the many family businesses that pass on their activities from generation to generation to their children and grandchildren. Giuseppe and Maria-Pia regularly visit their suppliers in Italy to ensure that these Italian pearls always find their way to your plate in Zaventem.